Strech PVC Wrapping

Stretch films are an important component of modern food packaging. The shelf life of food products is of main concern when choosing the best packaging solution. “RANFLAEX” stretch films can extend the shelf life of food products such as meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables. All “RANFLEX” films meet the appropriate limits for migration as set by EC and FDA directives. “RANFLEX” films are suitable for use with modern high speed packaging equipment.

  • CE/C2 is factor 2, suitable for MicroWave use
  • All the films can be perforated
  • MSDS – Material Saftey Data Sheet
  • DOC – Declaration Of Conformity
  • Direct Food Contact Approval
  • Comply with European directive
  • Film for Manual use, Automatic machine, Rewinding (jumbo)
  • Single / Double Layer film

Wrapping Strech PVC Products

Automatic Machines

Hand Wrap

Cling Film


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 3'' (76mm) 4.5'' (112mm)

Color:  Champain Violet