Elastic film for automatic machinery.

High impact film.

Food grade film.

shrink pvc film mr 29
Suitable for any packaging machine


Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength kg/cm2 620-970
Elongation IN% 110-190
Internal Tear Resistance (gr.) 6-14
Limit of Elasticity kg/cm2 5200-7500
Imapct Strenght (gr) 240-380
Color Clear / Blue
Thermal Properties
Shrinkage At 800-1200C MD 35-45
TD 35-45
Shrinkage Stress kg/cm 8.5-18.5
Sealing Strength gr/cm 600-1500
Sealing Temperature 800-1200C
Slip Coefficient < 0.3
Store Conditions
Store in dry conditions 100 to 210C (500 to 700F)

* The characteristics listed are average values to be used for information and therefore subject to possible variations.


Food grade film,

Factor 2,

Bakery products

and more…

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 3'' (76mm) 4.5'' (112mm)

Color:  Clear Blue

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